The Problem with Marketing During the Holidays


The holiday season is always a magical time of year. Except, of course, for the advertising. It's not that the ads are all bad, but the volume of ads is frustrating, and we didn't want to contribute to the problem. So, earlier this month our team assembled to brainstorm a new marketing approach for the holiday season. 

Last year our team was proud to introduce our official mascot, the Famous Idaho Potato! Yes, it's silly, but we had a lot of fun taking pictures with him! So, we pondered how to associate our brand with our favorite holiday traditions. Obviously, the results were ridiculous, but we thought we'd share them anyway... 

The Spudettes

First, we considered becoming the title sponsor for the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. The big payoff happens as the stage transforms into the breathtaking Coeur d'Alene Resort, and the Rockettes come out in potato costumes to perform the final number! We even wrote a song for the finale called Plan on Bringing the Family. Despite the song and fabulous mockup (shown below), we never received a callback.


A Nutcracker Sequel

Next, we considered writing a sequel to the Nutcracker where the Mouse King returns for revenge only to find that the Nutcracker is now a peaceful hippy. Still, the Mouse King must defend his honor, and – luckily for the Nutcracker – our Famous Idaho Potato comes to the rescue! To be honest, we had all of our eggs in the Spudettes basket, and the Nutcracker idea was thrown together last minute. To tie in A+MD, we were going to add a battle scene to symbolize the intersection of disease and desire dermatology, which is the theme of our meeting. Luckily, we realized how terrible this idea is before spending too much time on it. 



In the end, we decided it's best to lay low until the new year. We're confident that this unique and intimate meeting with some of our industries great thought leaders will sell itself.

Still, we wanted to share these silly ideas, and wish you all a safe and joyful holiday season! We'll look forward to seeing you all next year at A+MD.

Team A+MD

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